Driving Change for Pakistani Truckers

February 8, 2022

By Muneeb Shakil

Truck transportation is a $1.45 trillion industry worldwide. That’s more than air, ship, train, or any other individual method of moving goods. Truck drivers around the world have more in common than you might think. They all deal with traffic, long stretches of time away from home, strikes, and more. Similar is the case of Pakistani Truckers. 

Image Credits: Ahmed Ramzan (Gulf News)

Operating in a conventional market and harsh conditions truck drivers all across Pakistan face many challenges to earn a living. The life of a trucker is a solitary life as their trips stretch for weeks and at times months away from home. Their trucks are companions in this journey; they build and decorate the trucks with love and passion. 

Pakistani Truckers comprise of male wage workers, self-employed operators owning single vehicles purchased on loans from money lenders on exploitative terms (access is restricted to informal finance), and small entrepreneurs who own individually or jointly own 5 to 20 or larger vehicle fleets and lack social benefits coverage.

Image Credits: Ahmed Ramzan (Gulf News)

They are the most neglected and underserved people of the industry. The dilemma of the industry is that truckers responsible for moving millions worth of goods are so underpaid that they even struggle on basic necessities. Owing to the lack of trust, structures, and presence of some big fishes the middleman takes the major cut out of their earnings of individual Truckers. 

Truck It In dares to change the huge but fragmented logistics market, employing technology to achieve efficiency, better volumes, and lower cost along with improved working conditions of truckers who put in long hours behind the wheel with little respite. With the help of right technology Truck It In enabled the truckers not to get direct loads but it also contributed in establishing trust and transparency in the overall trucking ecosystem that changed the way truckers live. 

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