Introducing a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion in Pakistani Logistics

May 12, 2022

By Shan Choudhry

Empowering the nation through tech

Challenging the norm, breaking status quo, and driving change for an empowered Pakistan is at the heart of Truck It In’s business. Be it truck drivers, SME owners or millions of Pakistanis linked to the massive Trucking industry, we exist to empower them all.

Truck It In’s technology driven logistics marketplace democratises financial opportunities for millions across the country. Our intuitive and localised trucker app enables truckers to access a nationwide logistics market, giving them freedom to pursue opportunities that were previously unheard of in the Pakistani market. 

In pursuit of our vision for an empowered society, Truck It In has achieved several milestones and set new benchmarks for the entire Pakistani logistics industry, particularly when it comes to inclusion, both financial and social.

Meet Gulnaz; the female Pakistani truck driver

In February 2022, in a truly watershed moment for women across Pakistan, Truck It In welcomed the 1st female trucker onto its platform. Gulnaz Khan from Lahore is a single mother of four and the sole breadwinner of her family. Driven by a desire to secure her family’s financial future, Gulnaz acquired a commercial LTV license in 2020 against all societal odds. 

Truck It In’s 1st female truck driver
Unlocking opportunities for millions via our App

But being a female trucker is not easy in Pakistan. Winning shipments in an almost exclusively male industry was never going to be an easy task. In a market driven by traditional brokers, agents and other middlemen, Gulnaz’s future as the 1st ever Pakistani female truck driver, was always going to be uncertain. That is until Gulnaz learned about Truck It In. 

Breaking social taboos, 1 truckload at a time!

With the help of Truck It In’s platform, for the first time ever, female truckers like Gulnaz are empowered to tap into the opportunities that the $25B Pakistani logistics sector has to offer. It has unlocked opportunities for millions of women across Pakistan, opportunities that had not been accessible due to infrastructural and cultural barriers to inclusivity.

Incorporating inclusion into our DNA

Furthering its agenda of social inclusion, Truck It In recently also welcomed the first Transgender employees at its offices. Saadia, 29, joined Truck It In as an Operations Executive. Based in Karachi, her role involves onboarding new trucking partners, coordinating for load matching, contracting, and ensuring smooth port operations.

Saadia Saad, Truck It In’s 1st Trans employee
Leading the Trans awareness initiatives @ Truck It In

As part of its inclusivity and diversity strategy, Truck It In has also partnered up with Trans rights organisations to conduct workshops for its employees to foster a culture rooted in respect and inclusion. Saadia’s inclusion in the Truck It In family represents the company’s commitment to not just ensuring inclusivity but also to unlocking the financial potential of a digitised logistics sector for all segments of society.

Committed to workplace inclusivity
Trans-visibility Day @ Truck It In office (Karachi)

In a society racked with lack of financial inclusion and deeply skewed market structures, Truck It In hopes to usher in an era of inclusion. It aims to use its technology as an equaliser, a tool of inclusion and an economic facilitator for millions across Pakistan and beyond. To learn more about Truck It In and its operations across Pakistan, visit or follow us on

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